Academic Standing

In order to be eligible to register for the internship students must be in good academic and have earned a minimum:

  • 2.5 Overall GPA
  • 2.5 Major GPA

If, during the final term prior to the internship, your GPA falls below this GPA level, you must notify the Internship Coordinator

Certain Internships require a higher GPAFederal Agencies and GBIrequire a 3.00 GPA

Course Completion Requirements

The internship is the culminating capstone experience of the major. Students must have completed all eight major courses with a grade of C or higher (C- is not acceptable) before placing into the internship.

Note: On the CJ Program Application form, students sign a statement acknowledging that it is understood that students may not be employed or enrolled in additional classes during the internship term. Students work 40 hours/week and are enrolled for full time credit with substantial academic requirements.

Paid internships are extremely rare in the field of criminal justice – for this reason students must plan in advance financially for the internship term - If you know that you will be unable to complete a full semester without working, you should consider a different major. We want students to be aware of this prior to embarking on a degree in criminal justice. Please think ahead about your financial situation.